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ZooToken — Community Update — 7.1.21

$ZOOT Listing on BSC + ZooPrediction Launch— We are thrilled to announce the following launch dates:

  • July 5 — ZooToken will be available for purchase on Pancake Swap (BSC)
  • July 6 — ZooPrediction will launch on the BSC network

As we continued to test and complete work on Zoo Prediction, there was one last issue was just couldn’t solve. ETH gas fees. Sometimes they’re low, and other times they are very high. As a result, Zoo Prediction will be built on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network, which means there will be super low gas fees when placing your bets similar to Pancake Swap prediction and others! This will also expose ZooToken to millions of new buyers, as some prefer not to use ETH based coins as a result of the gas fees. The smart contract will remain the same, however now you will have the option to purchase on either the ethereum or binance smart chain networks!

In the future, the ZooToken team will be building a bridge for ETH → BSC or BSC → ETH ZooToken conversion, however in the mean time please use Hotbit to send your ETH based ZooToken coins to BSC in order to play ZooPrediction. Stay tuned for additional updates as we get closer to launch!

ZooPad — The response to our first IDO with GOAT Token has been incredible. Whitelist registration is now closed and IDO process will be activated, those who have already registered whitelist please prepare your ETH to be ready for the next step of IDO. As a reminder, the ONLY way to participate in these is to be a ZooToken holder. We have also have received a lot of great feedback from the community and will continue to improve every aspect of these in the future.

ZooIndex — Version 5.0 recently launched with a number of new features including daily/weekly upvoting, AppDex real-time charts, sort by price / % daily change and more. We continue to receive dozens of new applications to be listed, THOUSANDS of upvotes, and additional advertisers are signing on with sponsorships. We’re using that money to BUY ZOOT (increase price-floor) and BURN (reduce circulating supply) as well as covering marketing costs.

Monthly Coin Buyback & Burn — As promised, we completed our first monthly coin buyback and burn on June 30. As our current revenue streams grow (e.g., ZooIndex) and new revenue streams come online (e.g., ZooPrediction, ZooPad, etc.) these monthly buybacks and coin burns will grow in size.

Additional Notes / Updates

  • As we close in on 20,000 holders, we continue to engage with additional centralized exchanges on listing ZooToken. We anticipate numerous new listings in the coming weeks and months ahead. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on our social media accounts for the latest updates on everything ZooToken related.

BUY ZOO TOKEN: https://bit.ly/BuyZOOT

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ZooToken is an innovative new platform for ‘Meme Tokens’, assisting in enhancing their value, as well as creating a new ecosystem for users.