ZooIndex Weekly Moonshot

Hello Zoo Keepers!

As mentioned during our Voice Chat on July 1, ZooIndex is quickly becoming the premier site to research, discover and follow your favorite meme tokens.

We are currently seeing over 10,000 unique visitors a day, have over 120 tokens listed with new token applications coming in daily.

We have seen AMAZING efforts from several community driven tokens such as Hoge, Toad, Otter, EverApe and many others — just to name a few — to get their token in the 1st position. They are bringing huge visibility to ZooToken across their socials in an effort to get to the top position, while the huge increase in traffic has helped us create a rapidly growing ad revenue stream.

We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to the site — ZooIndex Weekly Moonshot!

How does it work?

  • #1 most upvoted token will get marketing support from ZooToken

Why is this good for ZooToken?

  • We encourage more tokens to apply

We want to help other tokens, but only in ways that will also help ZooToken investors and our token! This is our #1 PRIORITY TO YOU ALL!


The same token is eligible to WIN the ZooIndex Weekly Moonshot more than once, however if the same token wins two weeks in a row, the 2nd position will be the winner of that week. There is a one week ‘cool down’ for the winner to be fair to all new and upcoming communities.

Our goal is not to become a ‘token’ killer, but instead manage and support legitimate projects with a strong community like ours and help them to grow steadily. ZooIndex aims to become a one stop shop for every investor looking for new opportunities or just to keep a track of his own tokens in the same place in a smart and friendly platform. We are continuously making updates in an effort to bring everyone the best platform that has ever existed for the meme /alt cryptocurrency market.



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