2 min readJun 21, 2021

ZooToken — Community Update — 6.21.21

Monthly Coin Buyback & Burn — We’re thrilled to announce that starting this month, we will initiate a monthly coin buyback and burn. With current revenue streams including ad revenue from ZooIndex and ZooToken merch store (and future revenue streams from ZooPrediction, ZooNFT, etc.) deposited directly to the marketing wallet, a portion of these funds will be used for buybacks/coin burn.

ZooPrediction — Comprehensive testing continues for ZooPrediction, and we are currently in the process of connecting the front & back end of the product. Stay tuned for updates on this in the coming days ahead.

ZooIndex — Version 4.0 recently launched with a number of new features including upvoting, price conversion and weekly charts. As we have continued to add new coins daily, traffic has surged to where we are currently seeing 10,000+ unique visitors daily. We also recently added a number of sponsorship opportunities for coins to increase their visibility, which will continue as we add more features.

ZooPad — This is our decentralized IDO platform for meme / animal tokens that aims to empower crypto projects with the ability to distribute tokens and increase liquidity, whilst also developing & enhancing the ZOOT ecosystem. The ZooToken team works with these coins on the creation and audit of smart contracts, tokenomics, marketing and a number of other organizational aspects. The coins will have pre-sales, and as an added benefit to being part of this community, ONLY ZOOT HOLDERS will get to participate in the pre-sale. Over two dozen applications have already been submitted and are currently being vetted. The first ZooPad IDO will be announced in the coming days, with a target to launch in the next 1–2 weeks.

Additional Notes / Updates — As we close in on 15,000 holders, we continue to engage with additional centralized exchanges on listing ZooToken. We anticipate numerous new listings in the coming weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned for updates on this, along with additional announcements related to our monthly coin burn, IDOs, ZooPrediction launch date, farming and more!

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ZooToken is an innovative new platform for ‘Meme Tokens’, assisting in enhancing their value, as well as creating a new ecosystem for users.