📍 Meme Coin 🐶 and Metaverse 👽 are the two most searched keywords in recent days.
What do you think if we develop the ideal ZooMetaverse combination?

📍 We have started the process of creating ZooMetaverse, an animated space to store and exchange Meme Coins. Users will be able to interact with Meme Coin booths, Auction Events and Meme Lands MarketPlace technology at ZooMetaverse in near future.

📍 In addition, NFT designs are also being applied in the ZooMetaverse area, both visually and technologically.

📍 We have developed a specific strategy for the ZooMetaverse product launch process.

Firstly, ZooNFT products were soon available on the market. Users that need ZooNFT to engage in ZooMetaverse activities. Users will buy NFT with ZOOT. And all this NFT system will only be built on BSC to reduce costs for users.

After purchasing ZooNFT, users may purchase land, products, and even tokens from ZooToken’s partner projects at Meme Coin Booths and Meme Land MarketPlace.

Auction events will be held periodically to sell rare NFTs.

🚀 ZooKeepers have waited long enough; now it’s time for us to work together to make a difference.



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ZooToken is an innovative new platform for ‘Meme Tokens’, assisting in enhancing their value, as well as creating a new ecosystem for users.