GOAT Token IDO — Deposit Instructions / Timeline

4 min readJul 2, 2021

Hi everyone —

It’s almost time! Below is a link to view the list of approved addresses for the whitelist IDO and where to deposit your funds to purchase Goat Token. If you applied and we were able to verify your Zoo Token holdings in the same wallet, you were accepted!

VIEW ADDRESS LIST / DEPOSIT FUNDS HERE: https://zootoken.io/zoopad/GOAT


As a reminder, investors need to own at least 1,000,000,000,000 ZOOT to be eligible to participate in IDO programs on ZooPad. Based on the balance of ZOOT in the wallets, we divide into 5 groups of investors with corresponding cumulative points:

  • 1 Trillion+ ZooToken Owned = 0.05 ETH Max Purchase
  • 4 Trillion+ ZooToken Owned = 0.2 ETH Max Purchase
  • 10 Trillion+ ZooToken Owned = 0.35 ETH Max Purchase
  • 50 Trillion+ ZooToken Owned = 1.2 ETH Max Purchase
  • 300 Trillion+ ZooToken Owned = 2.5 ETH Max Purchase


  • Total IDO: 50 ETH for 25B GOAT
  • IDO Rate: 500,000,000 GOAT per 1 ETH
  • Soft Cap: 30 ETH (Minimum ETH for raising)

1. Deposit

Users will enter the amount of ETH needed to buy their GOAT allocation. Amount of ETH cannot exceed maximum purchase. In addition, unless the Total ETH Deposited is higher than the Soft Cap, these ETH will be refunded to all investors.

  • Deposit Start Time: 4:00AM UTC — July 03rd 2021
  • Deposit End Time: 12:01PM UTC — July 03rd 2021

2. Allocation

After the end of the deposit period, the number of tokens will be prorated to each investor according to their ETH Deposited. The Allocation is calculated in these 3 cases:

Case 1: If the Total ETH Deposited is below the Soft Cap (30ETH)

All ETH is refunded.

Case 2: If the Total ETH Deposited is below or equal to the Total ETH Raised (and higher than the Soft Cap).

Allocation for investor = ETH Deposited * 500,000,000

Example: Total ETH deposited is 40 ETH (Lower than 50 ETH). Investor X deposited 1.2 ETH for IDO.

Allocation for Investor X = 1.2 * 500,000,000 = 600,000,000 GOAT

Case 3: If the Total ETH Deposited exceeds the Total ETH Raised (50 ETH).

Allocation for investor = ETH Deposited * (Total ETH Raised/Total ETH Deposited) * 500,000,000

Example: Total ETH deposited is 60 ETH (Higher than 50 ETH). Investor Y deposited 1.2 ETH for IDO.

Allocation for Investor Y = 1.2 * (50/60) * 500,000,000 = 500,000,000 GOAT

3. ETH In Return

Excess ETH = ETH Deposited — (Allocation for investor/500,000,000)

Example: Investor Y will get back = 1.2 — (500,000,000/500,000,000) = 0.2 ETH

4. Liquidity

  • Five minutes after the time of liquidity pool generation, investors can Claim GOAT tokens from IDO. Please visit the same website: https://zootoken.io/zoopad/GOAT
  • Claim Time: 12:06 PM UTC — July 03rd 2021



How to buy GOAT on ZooPad

  1. Access to ZooToken Official Website: https://zootoken.io/
  2. Click “ZooPad” Tab
  3. Click “Join” on GOAT Token border

Click “Unlock Wallet

If your wallet is in the Whitelist, you can enter the number of ETH you want to buy then click “Buy”.

Click “Check The Whitelist and IDO Rules” to check if your wallet is whitelisted.

You can check the IDO information in these borders

When Claim Period is started, click “Claim” to get you GOAT and excess ETH




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